Materia Expuesta/ Exposed Material

More of the fabric collages can be seen below.

Mud Drawings

These drawings were made between March 2nd and 15th during a residency at the Guapamacátaro Interdisciplinary Residency. The mud was found in pieces of cloth collected in the stream running through the property at the residency.

I’m Not Slim

On March 21st, I performed the action “I’m Not Slim” on the Callejon de Mesones, in a gentrified section of the Centro Historico, Mexico City. It was intended to be one segment of a larger piece, “Unnatural Union”, that was planned collaboratively with the artists Alicia Manvan and Jason Gaspor for the Hemispheric Institute’s 8th Encuentro.

The Somosmexas Collective invited me to present this work at their ATEA gallery, along with other new works I made during the Guapamacátaro Interdisciplinary Residency. The exhibition, “Materia Expuesta/ Exposed Material”, opened on March 23rd.

For me, “I’m Not Slim”, comments on materialism and consumeristic ideals, opening up room for critical dialogue.

Furthermore, the title refers to Carlos Slim, the third richest person in the world and the developer of the area and street in which I realized this performance. In English this title refers to weight and in Dutch (my mother tongue) slim means smart or clever. These linguistic references in the title add richness to its interpretation and allow it to be read not only on a personal level but also from multiple perspectives.

digital print on canvas and fabric digital print on canvas and fabric