Getting into Nothing

Getting into Nothing is a solo performance that is structured around a series of actions without intention or direction. To frame these actions, I worked with emptiness, waiting, stillness, inaction, as well as pauses and gaps. These elements explored the possibility that nothing can become something within a given context.

The last section of my performance will shift to doing nothing with something.

Getting into Nothing
is inspired by Victoria Stanton’s DARE-DARE project in Montreal, The Sanctimonious Sect of Nothing Is Sacred ( and my work with the group, No Object ( After reading the posts on Victoria’s blog, and through moving my body in the studio, I came to realize that when I have time to process an action or allow myself to think about what to do next, it then starts to become something, even if it is on a very simple level.

I would like to thank Ed Pien for helping with documentation and Natasha Bailey and Zena Bielewicz for their help in streaming the performance.
And a special thanks Coman Poon and Brain Smith, who've made the space available to me.