Sun Worshipper and Tree Climber, two videos for large scale projection, looped, Installation view at Wharf, Caen de la Mer (France), 2008

Inspired by the joie-de-vivre and sensuality of Women in Love (Ken Russell), Sun Worshipper is a languorous interaction between the artist and a field of tall golden grass. Shot at sunset, the dappled and halo light, enhanced by pixelization of the image, accentuates the beauty of this captured moment.

Tree Climber combines athletic feat with childlike exploration along the winding paths of dense tree braches. Initially trained as a painter, Zits playfully inserts pixelization as if it were brushstrokes. The complex digital manipulation of the moving images heightens the flickering light and shadow.

Two more videos will compliment this four-part series. One is situated in a snowy expanse while the other takes place in water.