Streakers and Exhibitionists, exhibited at Spin Gallery (Toronto), Wharf (Caen de la Mer, France), Wilde Gallery (Berlin)

The exhibition celebrates the naked body in a series of digitally manipulated images that have been downloaded from the internet. The work presents people and situations that question shame, guilt and social decorum. Attention seekers, free spirits, and those championing a clothing-free alternative are captured in scenarios ranging from the titillating to the celebratory, the ordinary to the weird. Multiple layers of exaggerated pixilation and squares of pure colour have distorted the public spaces surrounding these naked bodies.

“Traditional media representations use digitization to censor or deface the naked body. My digital images keep the body intact while distorting and obscuring everything else. The intent is to emphasize the subversive act and encourage critical thinking about the individual’s free will in regards to his or her body within a rigid social frame.”

Getting Carried Away Twickenham Streaker Through the Library The Couple Nude With Camera Caught Him by Surprise Locker Room Interlude Confrontation Scott Dancing #2 Scott Dancing #7